Of course….Royal inspired decor!

30 Apr

The ink on the wedding registry has barely dried and the hoopla is far from over.  Love it!!

The souvenirs (both tacky and lovely) began to appear the minute the engagement was announced and the product development and its subsequent production continues on.  Home decor included.

Union Jack Sofa via S@H

If you are at all interested in such a bold statement in your home (I think this would be fabulous in a Pub-inspired games room), email info@upcountry.com.  They are located in Ontario, Canada.

Now if you are wanting something more commemorative of Will & Kate’s nuptials…

William-Kate metal chairs

Made in the UK, these versatile metal chairs can be found at the  MetalDesign-Furniture Company website.

Not willing to shell out quite that much for a commemorative item??  No problem!

image via iwmshop.org.uk

This tea towel is available through the Imperial War Museum Shop.  Made in Britain from 100% linen cotton.  Perfect for framing!

Here is a chic, contemporary way of remembering their big day.  Notice the cute “I DO”  not so hidden in the text.  Another thing I liked about this tea towel (and there many designs out there in cyberspace) is that the couples images are not on the towel.  Personally, I think there are more suitable places for their faces to appear – china, canvas art – items that can keep a certain amount of respectability.  Say NO to coasters and hand towels!!  I hope I don’t need to explain that one.

Looking for a way to glam up a powder room, make guests feel like royalty or give your little princess the royal treatment?  There’s nothing quite like wallpaper to give a room some punch and with this “Crowns & Coronets” pattern from GrahamBrown, your wallpapered walls will be the “crowning” touch!

image via S@H

You can add some bling with jewels too! (optional of course)

optional jewels image via grahambrown

GrahamBrown are having a 20% off promotion right now for their Royal Wedding promotional products which includes this wallpaper, 3 paint colors & packages of  “jewels”.

How about pillows?  The selection is endless and a good source is Etsy.

I found some very stylish royal pillows at nakeddecor.com.   This is the prince version but there is also a princess and queen…and bonus…..both sides are styling!

image via Google images

Well, I’m sure the din is far from dying down.   But even if you are not into the Royal commemorative products or the Brits influence on decorating, it’s still fun to look!  And free!

Did you buy anything?  Make anything?  Record anything? to mark the couple’s big day?  Please share!


A Wedding! – Friday’s Smile

28 Apr

As I’m writing it is still hours away from Will and Kate’s big “I DO” but my anticipation is growing.

It might be my age (I’m Diana’s generation) or my heritage (my mother is Welch)  but I have been fascinated with “the royals” since the late 60’s.  Back then Queen Elizabeth visited Fort St. John, British Columbia and I was a tiny Brownie standing at the airport, holding a flower.  I thought she was very elegant and I was mesmerized.

I watched Diana and Charles wedding from my home in Calgary and tragically years later, her funeral from my home in Bolivia.  It gets me all misty to think that she doesn’t get to see her sons marry, but I will again be glued to my TV soaking in all the pomp and pageantry.

This time I might even spring for an “official royal family souvenir”

Will & Kate approved! China plate, mug and pill box.

Of course the approved pieces are gorgeous and can be purchased from the Royal Collection Shop.

Each piece features the couple’s initials in gold and silver with the coronet of Prince William and the wedding date, April 29, 2011, and features a decorative pattern of doves, white ribbons and silver, gold and gray hearts, set against a pale gray striped background.

I’ve got my eye on the pill box – it makes me smile!

I hope you have time to enjoy even a few minutes of the wedding coverage. 

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!

Creativity – Friday’s Smile

22 Apr


original artwork by Isaac Salazar


How this for creative??  Isaac Salazar – This makes me smile!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Spring! – Friday’s Smile

15 Apr

Around here we are finally hearing the sounds of lawn mowers and just this morning my neighbor was spotted with a shovel turning over soil.  Yippee!!  Summer can’t be far way!!

Up until now I have avoided seed catalogs, gardening magazines and have walked right past the early plant offerings that are starting to appear in stores here.  While we did not start any seeds ourselves this year, we inevitable over-spend on annuals and perennials each year.  Although it’s still too early to plant anything, the buzz of activity in my neighborhood has prompted me to pull out my copy of The Perennial Handbook  (Heritage Perennials).

I used it like a textbook during my Landscape Design projects (and while still in school) and every year I leaf through it for more inspiration.



Perennial Gardening Guide by John M. Valleau


Perennial planning (and purchasing!) –It makes me smile!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Antler Love – Friday’s Smile

8 Apr

Have you noticed in the last couple of years, the increased frequency in the appearance of antlers?  Not just in country, steak house or ski-lodge decor either.  There are everywhere – and I gotta say I’m quite enamored with their sudden appearance in just about any room!


via Lonny

These look like the real McCoy.


Ann Marie Favot via S@H

For those not wanting an actually head (with googly eyes following you around the room) there is a cute cardboard head with antlers.


via Lonny

How about a moose?  I’m thinking resin – wonder if it comes in other colors?


via Lonny

Not just for the living room!


via Elle Decor

These people are totally into it – see the two smaller sets in the other room?


via Lonny

Hilarious use of antlers in the powder room!  Not sure but a “real” hunter may not appreciate this kind of humor.


Farquharson & McGill via S@H

Combining my two big likes – empty picture frames and antlers!  Win-Win!


This next one is in our home.   During the last move I ran across this set of antlers (again) in a box in the garage.  Dusted them off, shined the antlers with Pledge and voilá !


my photo

The little gold plate on the wood plaque reads “Antelope – Oct. 1981” (sorry Honey, couldn’t resist!)

I really like the way ‘our’  little set of antlers plays off the stone of the fireplace, rough wood mantel and fits nicely into that narrow slice of wall – It makes me Smile!

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!

Dabble Debut – Friday’s Smile

1 Apr







Yahoo!  A Canadian on-line (free) magazine!

No kidding,  Canadian!









(okay, I’ll jump down off my patriotic bandwagon now….)

Those of you who are already regular followers of  lonnymag.com and ruemag.com know the giddy thrill of leafing through a new edition.  What’s the hype about an on-line magazine anyway??

Well for me it’s the absolute joy of reading a magazine while laying on the couch dressed in my flannel jammies, slurping on a steamy cup of Earl Grey milk tea.  (I may have a tiny magazine reading obsession…  illness… addiction).  But I digress.

The talented Canadian Interior Designer, Kimberley Seldon has launched the new Dabble Magazine – a triple threat of design, travel and food.

In the first March/April issue be sure to check out the pages devoted to Nashville (there’s more there than country music!), the Travel Geek page where you’ll find the latest on gadgets for the traveller in you and the section on Kimberley’s trip to Prague which was sparked by her husband’s heritage (the photos are 2-d’eye-4 gorgeous!).

Here is just a smattering from the pages of Dabble Magazine;


design-Erinn Valencich photo-Adrian Anz


design-Erinn Valencich photo-Adrian Anz

Loving the tile in this bathroom and that bowl sink!  Oh, yah!


design-David Carter photo-Aliona Adrianova

Another juju headdress – fits right in this room, don’t ‘cha think?


design-Sophie Paterson photo-Lauren Mitton

While I’m thinking that string of pictures is too tiny …..I’m head over heels for that tripod lamp!


Neruda Street, Prague

Astronomical Clock Tower, Prague

Just a snippet of Prague to whet your appetite!


Finally a Canadian on-line home and lifestyle magazine – It makes me smile!

Wishing you a safe & happy weekend!

Lazy Monkey – Friday’s Smile

25 Mar

Received an email from my sister last week with these pictures attached.  Don’t know the photographer, installation artist(s) or even the city where it all took place.  If you know please share!


Can you tell what this lazy monkey is made of?



Imagine walking into the park and……..what the heck is that?  Picture time!




This installation is huge!  Look at the size of the feet!



Can you see it yet?  Love how he is just lazing around, soaking up the sun.



Yes, flip-flops!  How cool is this installation!  Dying to know how many shoes it took.



Thanks to my sister for sharing this flip-flop monkey (it is a monkey isn’t it??) – It made me smile!


Wishing you a safe & happy weekend.