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Now I’ve gone and done it!

28 Jul

OMGosh, here I go.  Look Ma, two hands!  This blog may not have training wheels but I feel like it should have.

I heard about blogging roughly 10 years ago.  At the time it was a friend who was just musing random thoughts and basically replacing his pen and journal for a keyboard and computer screen.  I just didn’t get it.

Fast-forward a decade.  I still don’t get it.  Why on earth would total strangers be interested in anything I write?  Aside from the couple of dozen friends & family that I  plan to cajole into taking a peek, should I dare dream for a few readers that find what I have to say………interesting?

Why do bloggers……blog?  I have been doing some research (okay….blog surfing) to see if I could get a handle on this tool.  Yes, I definitely see blog sites as tools – for promotion, education, entertainment, socialization, information….you see where I’m going.

If you want to save the whales, collect depression glass, love photography, can’t go a day without using a glue-gun, have read every Archie comic book, are concerned about the economy,  wonder what the heck a leek is, ask why there’s a delay in traffic after the light has turned green, want to learn cake decorating,  can’t stop lighting up with your morning coffee…….. there is someone out there blogging about it!

Me ?  I have a passion.   Interior Design.

You too?  Then please stay tuned.

“Simple Changes or Complete Transformations” …..thoughtful design simply works.