Now that’s refreshing!

4 Aug

As anyone who’s renovated, reinvented, reused or reupholstered can attest to, it is both re-energizing and  refreshing to make over any item that has been begging for a face-lift.  Often I see many great examples of furniture make-overs and marvel at the transformations.  My favorite ones are the drastic ones.  That sad, tattered club chair that was found by the side of the road that “magically” reappears looking like a boutique store find.  LOVE IT.

Sorry to say, a riveting transformation is not what we have here.  My very sturdy chairs (from IKEA) that I use in my shop had only one major flaw.  The color of the chair seat!  The light cream had to go to add some punch and coordinate better with the gold carpet, cream walls and purple accent wall.

I’m so pleased with the results!  If you’ve never done anything like this (where have you been?) grab a screwdriver, staple gun and some fabric.  Easy-peasy!

Reupholstered Ikea Chairs

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – design simply works.


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