Pink for girls, blue for boys?

18 Aug

I have always been a girly-girl.  I want to wear frilly clothes, adorn my pillows with tassels and sew lace on my towels.   Now that I’m a big girl my tastes have changed –  I really want a Royal Purple bedroom!   My husband however doesn’t share my passion for all things grape so I’m content in my soft blue bedroom oasis (for now 🙂  wink, wink)

I am totally inspired by the following pictures and would love  to have a little pint-sized client who loves color as much as I do!

If you don’t want to do a totally pink room for your little girl who can’t be a princess without pink – what about pink and orange? Check out the cool lamp in the background.


What about pink and lime green? This Parisian themed bedroom will have any little girl feeling like royalty with  eyelash fabric draped over a canopy bed.  Note the mini-chandelier, mirrored side table and painted ceiling.  Trés chic.

By Robin Callan

What about pink and grey? I love the artwork and doesn’t that pendant remind you of one we’ve seen at IKEA?

By Nicole Sassaman

A neat idea when needing to divide up the room between two.  The mirrored piece provides great storage and acts as bedside tables for both beds.  I love the contrast between the wide stripes of the drapes with the formality of the chandelier and mirrored chest.

From House and Home magazine

Yellow and purple continues to be a favorite complementary color combination for many rooms.  Here I love the use of wallpaper to add interest in the room.

From Style at Home Magazine

Why not try the unexpected?  Trish’s use of plaid in this traditional boy’s nursery gives a vintage feel to the space.  I really like this room and it’s easy to visualize the transition that’s made when the crib is moved out and a big boys bed is moved in.

By Trish Beaudet

Blue with red in this cosy bedroom with the added feature of a headboard.  Not often seen in children’s bedrooms but why not?  It adds a little something, don’t you think?

By Kenneth Brown

A cottage inspired little girl’s room using a combination of green, yellow and blue.  So soft and inviting with years of comfort ahead!

By Trish Beaudet

If it weren’t for the crib you wouldn’t know it was a nursery!  A twist on the safari theme to be sure!  Even the ceiling has a treatment.

By Baylor Anne Bone

Traditional blue boy’s room.  Nothing ho-hum here.  Adorable right down to the storybook phrases on the ceiling.

By Leslie Saul

Traditional pink girl’s room.  Notice the stunning effect that wrapping the color up and over the ceiling has on the overall feel of the room.  So cosy.  A white ceiling just wouldn’t have delivered the same ambience.  And every princess bed needs a canopy!

By Trish Beaudet

Sorry for the small photo but I had to include this in the mix because I just love the use of the patio lanterns.   This definitely has a relaxed, restful feel.  Very cool.

From flickr by aydeeyai

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2 Responses to “Pink for girls, blue for boys?”

  1. Jackie August 19, 2010 at 7:35 am #

    Awesome blog Shel!

    • designsimplyworks August 26, 2010 at 5:51 pm #

      Thank you, too kind as usual. I have added a subscription link just recently. So much to learn 🙂

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