Everybody needs this!

26 Aug

OMGosh, I have been wishing for such a site and here it is.  Yipee!

Warning – reading further may lead to increased time on the computer!

As a designer I’m always telling my clients that they should be assembling an idea book, inspiration board or wishlist folder.  Especially couples need to be tearing out pages of magazines, printing pictures off the web or whatever it takes to collect those images that speak to them.  It really helps to get everyone on the same page especially during an extensive, expensive renovation or build.

Put away those scissors and glue!  Those fine people at http://www.olioboards.com have done all the heavy-lifting for us and have designed the perfect website for those of us who love the inspiration board concept and find them useful.  It’s free to join and super easy.

There are thousands of images (some big brand names too) to choose from and all you do is drag and drop your images onto your canvas.  Listen, if computer inept, little ol’ me can do it – anyone can!

This is my first attempt – please send me yours!


Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – thoughtful design simply works.


One Response to “Everybody needs this!”

  1. Dianne August 29, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    Hey Shel, I do like your blogger thingee you have going
    on here. Nice. Henry’s pictures are so cute, such an
    adorable nephew I have. LOL! You go, girl.

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