The humble picture frame – type cast?

2 Sep

Have you ever bought a picture or print that was so ugly uh, unattractive that the person with you said, ” where are you going to put that?!?”.   Well, I have and it had nothing to do with the picture itself, but the frame surrounding it.  The more ornate the better.

Remember the little frame that Monica Geller ( Friends sitcom) used to frame her door’s peep-hole?  I have always loved that idea and have copied it in one way or another over the years.

Here’s my most recent frame hanging.  It’s framing a ceramic wall piece made by one of my favorite artists from Gibsons, B.C., Anita Lindblom.  Find more examples of her work here.


I have been getting mixed reviews on my little corner of our kitchen and for a fraction of a second thought I may have gotten a bit carried away.  And then I ran across this;


So cool!  What have you got stashed in a cupboard that could have a second life if you only “framed it” !

Simple changes or complete transformations – thoughtful design simply works.


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