Fireplace Mantle Blues?

8 Sep

Are you one of the lucky ones to live in a house with a fireplace but now struggle with dressing the mantle?  Well, don’t despair because you’re not alone.

I combed cyberspace looking for great examples of nicely styled mantles and while I did find some outstanding ones, I also unearthed some………..uh, examples of what not to do.

Beautiful stone fireplace, obviously custom woodworking on the entertainment unit (hiding all the t.v. components) and I bet those are speakers up top.  Okay I’m turning green with envy.

Wait a minute……did they run out of wood for the mantle??  Would have tied the built-ins with the fireplace had they made the mantle reach across the width of the fireplace.  Always do this by the way.  Mantle could also be a smidge lower and it’s crying out for a big round clock.

from Flickr

You know what I’m going to say here, don’t you?  Yup,  should be a wide as the tile surround.  Don’t you think it would really pop if it were a glossy black?  Well on their way with the lovely picture, candles and clock……could use a stack of books or a ceramic bird and voíla!

from Flickr

Okay, this is making me smile.  I talked about the unique use of picture frames in my last post.  Here’s another clever example.  Love it!!

Not loving the knicky-knacky things strewn across the width of the mantle.  Best to make groupings and this desperately needs something with height.  Examples of this concept coming up.

from Flickr

Books, vases, texture with the feather, tall twigs and leaning pictures.  Would be a text book example if the front picture wasn’t blocking the back.  Layering isn’t suppose to lead to obstruction.  I would hang the big one, lean the white one and put the round one on an easel.

Love that feather and that gorgeous fireplace surround.

from Flick

You just can’t go wrong with a big mirror over the fireplace (but make sure it’s reflecting something attractive).  Scale is a tough concept but most people go too small.  Go big or go home! 🙂

I want this mirror!

from Flickr

Another lovely image from the folks at Decorology.

With all these lovely pictures above the fireplace, nothing else is really necessary.

from Decorology

Here’s an excellent example of a mantle grouping.  Could be a candle or stack of books in place of the little box.  Use candle sticks for height also.  You get the idea.

from Flickr

Those zany brits know how to do it well of course!  Would you be brave enough to have tried that tall bamboo?

Muster up that courage!

Colin & Justin in House&Home

Good example of using stacks of books and leaning art.  Nice!

by Michael Penny

Good example of……………….HEY! Get Down! 🙂

from Flickr

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2 Responses to “Fireplace Mantle Blues?”

  1. Emily @ The Happy Home September 14, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    we’ve been working on our mantle for a while now– i like the idea of feathers in a vase for texture! unfortunately, we’re in a rental, so most of our updates has to be non-permanent. accessories are the way to go!

    • designsimplyworks September 15, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

      Hi Emily, thanks for comment. I really enjoying playing with vignettes so I’ve acquired a lot of accessories. I like change!

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