Is it a blank slate above your bed?

15 Sep

Whether you have a headboard or not, that space on the wall over your bed often gets forgotten.  While a single picture is usually the traditional solution (as long as it’s big enough), don’t be limited by thinking that this is the standard for over the bed decor.

Step it up a notch by getting creative and trying different things.  I hope the following images will provide some inspiration.

via Flickr

Picture rails overhead are just wide enough to hold leaning pictures securely.   Notice how nice and wide each rail is – almost as wide as the headboard.

via House & Home

Loving this wall color!! It’s actually a Pratt & Lambert grey.   The four prints grouped as one big piece really grounds that bed unit to the wall.  Provides much more impact than one print hanging all alone.

Check out those built in bedside tables.  No legs equals no visual clutter.  Clever design.

Erin Feasby via House & Home

OoLaLa.  I look at a lot of images in a single week but this one stopped me in my tracks.  Gasping, staring, drooling.  Is there anything to dislike here?  Truly stunning bedroom.  While it would still be beautiful without it, I think that the wall mural really makes this space sing.

Megan Mullally via Elle Decor

Actress Megan Mullally (Karen on ‘Will & Grace’) reportedly had a major role in decorating her home in California.  See more of Karen’s Megan’s home here.  The tall headboard juxtaposed with the long row of narrow photographs is unexpected but pleasing especially with the color of her tables showing up in some of photos.

Rebecca Cole via Elle Decor

There’s a lot to look at here but focus behind the bed.  Yes, it’s a set of windows with a simple brown matchstick blind.  The stenciled damask design on the walls was also applied to the blind on the window making a great back-drop to the bed.  Hey, even I could do that!

Anne Hepfer via House & Home

Another show-stopper.  I would never get out of bed!  The ceiling attached valance and wall of fabric creates a dreamy, regal look.  Honestly, the room would be great too without the valance and drapery treatment.  The patterned, curvy headboard with coordinating bed-skirt  could stand on their own.

via Style at Home

Take your favorite wallpaper, apply to wall and frame with some primed and painted trim pieces.  Voíla! instant headboard.  The style of the wallpaper will determine what dramatic effect the headboard will have on the whole room.  Notice the great drum shade on the pendant?  No jumping on the bed!

Stephanie Odegard

I really like the use of plaster wall art because it’s so three dimensional and looks substantial wherever it’s used.  Here the design could be played up if hung a bit lower to look like an extension of the headboard.  These pieces are easier to find that you’d think, just don’t buy too small.

I have used a plaster piece in a show home’s bathroom above the bathtub – when I locate the picture I promise to post it.

Sarah Richardson

Can’t do anything regarding bedrooms without showing one of Canadian Sarah Richardson’s designs.  The applied panel moulding, patterned window treatments, custom headboard and bench.  What’s not to love!  This is a good example of not needing anything over the bed.  Homerun Sarah (as usual).

Hmmm, going to run home and take a look at my bedroom!

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