Clutter, Treasures or Good Decor?

30 Sep

“Minimalist rooms can be so beautiful, but I can’t live in one; I love objects too much.”—Interior designer Bunny Williams, December 03

What about you?  Need “stuff” around you to make your space feel home-y ?  Would you feel comfortable in any or all of these rooms?

via Elle Decor

I’m afraid I would feel like I lived in a hospital waiting room.

via Elle Decor

This one has a few more knick-knacks but it’s still a little sterile for me.  Would a wall color help?  What’s with the yellow painted canvas?  How about adding a few stripes?

Vicente Wolf via House&Home

What great windows!  Mr. Wolf is known for his minimalist designs but he makes it home-y.  I could definitely live here.  Would like to see some art though.

Rose Cameron via Elle Decor

What do you think?  Enough furniture?  Again, where’s the art?

via Elle Decor

I honestly wasn’t looking for all white pictures!  This space is broken up with that cool fireplace dividing up the large open area.  Shots of color all over are well thought out.  Very cool Arne Jacobsen Egg chair.

Well, no disrespect intended to the many, many people who think less is more when it comes to decor, but I’ll stick to the treasure-filled, bookcase stuffed, often cluttered look of the Traditional style of design.  I’m with you Bunny, I love objects too much too! 🙂

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – thoughtful design simply works.

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