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A Hallmark Moment! – Friday’s Smile

29 Oct

via Google Images

Too funny!  Toothy smiles all around!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Pumpkin Invasion

27 Oct

While I’m not a Halloween loving individual (I love all things sparkly & pretty)    I have carved my share of pumpkins over the years.  While on a recent jaunt around cyberspace I started collecting some favorite pumpkin snaps I’d like to share.


Now wouldn’t your party guests be impressed if this scene was ablaze in your fireplace!  No stoking required.


via Country Living



Simple pumpkin basket.  Easy to do yet a lovely way to display flowers or other foliage.  Nice.


via Martha Stewart


Hey, I remember decoupage!   A good example of where less is more.  Never thought I would ever think of a pumpkin as stylish!


via Midwest Living


And if orange doesn’t fit into your decór……


via Country Living


Ooooh, getting shiny!  So much more of an impact when you’ve got a grouping.


via Country Living


And sparkly!




Does it have to be scary?  How about silly!  A Mouse Motel!


via Martha Stewart



Wonderful front porch or step decoration.  House numbers!  Wonder if that’s glow in the dark paint?


via Midwest Living


Couple of candy bowl ideas.




via Martha Stewart



Here’s another non-carving idea.  Paint your pumpkin with flat black paint, let dry and then with the handle end of a spoon, scrape away the paint in the design of your desire!  Cool!


via Good Housekeeping





via Martha Stewart


And if you are ready to invest in some serious carving tools…… you too can work magic like this……



via Martha Stewart





I’ve never thought of turning pumpkins on their sides!  Clever!

via Martha Stewart



Here’s one that I think I would like to try, a pumpkin totem.



What was in the bowl before candy?  Mini-pumpkins of course!

via Good Housekeeping



Pumpkin votive holders.  Simple with a nice punch of fall color.


via Good Housekeeping



OMGosh, now I’m craving pumpkin pie!

What do you have in store for your pumpkin(s)?


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Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween.














This Fall Think Deep Thoughts About Color.

26 Oct

Deep, rich, sink-into color, that is!

It’s only 6 a.m. here in my office and I should be getting dolled up for work but I had, had, had to share the latest palette offerings from the very inspirational Margot Austin over at Style at Home magazine.

Those who know me or have ever been to my shop know that I’m over the moon for the color Royal Purple, so this first palette made my heart sing (now if I could only get it to play a little ditty for my husband )

Plum & Pewter via Style at Home

Paint shown is by Farrow & Ball (sorry they don’t list the paint name or number).

That glossy striped wallpaper as a backdrop to the deep grays – Oh, Yah.

Margot even gives us a room in plum, just in case we’re not convinced yet….

Plum Inspiration via Style at Home

I’ll take the deep purple chair, the sink-into gray chaise, the gi-normous ornate mirror ……loving those walls!  With those high ceilings did they really need to paint them snowman white?  (ding – post idea!)

Next up is this blue & red combination – don’t think Crayola crayons!

Margot refers to these two as Oxblood and Inky Indigo.  Whatever you choose to call them, I call them terrific together!

Oxblood & Inky Indigo via Style at Home

If I were looking for components for my room redo with these colors, I’d be carrying around that small vase in my purse!

I was thinking office when I first saw this inspiration board and ……

via Style at Home

Here it is!    Aside from the pink rug (I would keep looking for something with more red in it) I really like the use of the indigo on all the walls and bookcases.  If you like the color….use it on all four walls!

Last one is Cocoa and Bronze.  While I’m not a brown loving individual, I can’t help but appreciate all the richness and luxury that chocolate can bring.  Talking color here not Cadbury!

Cocoa & Bronze via Style at Home

Sooooo, you know there is an inspiration room coming up next……

Are you waiting for chocolate walls? …………Nope!

Bronze glazing? ……….. Nope!

Fabric wrapped panels? ………….. Nope!


Timothy Mather via Style at Home

Croc wallpaper !

Is your master bedroom or guest room lacking punch?  How about a croc wall treatment?

Designer Timothy Mather hit this one, right outta the park!

Deep thoughts about some deep colors, perfect topic for this fall.

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Udderly Clever – Friday’s Smile

22 Oct

Bowing to the source of milk (not your grocery store actually), this creamer is cute as a baby…….cow?

The Calf and Half Creamer is made of  double-walled glass so that the inner glass udder holds the milk and the outer wall is in the traditional pitcher shape.

via GadgetHer

Clever!  Great design I think and hilarious too!  Big white moustache-y smiles all around!

Wishing everyone an excellent weekend.

Bravery – Are you feeling it?

20 Oct

My husband purchased his very first, well-deserved I think, brand-new boat.  We are safety conscious people and took the course, read the manual and purchased the necessary equipment.  Including a doggy life jacket for our little boy, Henry.  See the “About” page for a picture of the “cutest dog in the whole wide world”.

There are just certain things I’m not brave about.  Zooming around at 35 mph in a boat without a life jacket, working out in my garden in July without bug spray, cutting lumber without measuring twice, leaving on vacation without packing a hair dryer, filling in forms in ink and eating shelled peanuts out of an open dish.

For many, the use of color appears on their list, right up there with public speaking and sharks.  The majority of my color clients come to me because they can’t pull themselves away from the safety of beige.  The practice of painting white trim and ceiling to “contrast” with beige walls is well……….habit I think (I hope).

I have no reservations using color (just ask my husband about the yellow spare bedroom) and anyone who has been in my shop knows my favorite color is Royal Purple.  While I can’t get too crazy because my husband needs to be comfortable too, I do push the envelope as much as I can and I am constantly on the look-out for the next big inspirational image.

Maybe there is one here for you?

via Flickr

via House & Home

Ben Stiller's Home via Elle Decor

via Martha Stewart

By Nina Campbell via Veranda

via Google Images

via Chatting at the Sky

Candice Olson

This last image alone makes me want to run out and purchase teal paint!  Canadian Designer Candice Olson has been one of my favorite designers since before design school.  Remember when she first started doing segments on “Cityline” in Toronto?  Very great.

So…….inspired to be a little braver?

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Slipper Tub? – Friday’s Smile

15 Oct

OMGosh I think this is so cool!

Imagine how much it costs?? 🙂

You would definitely want it in a minimalistic bathroom design so that you would not be taking away from the obvious focal point.  And what a focal point!


Image via ArHzine

Love the floor too – and don’t you think it compliments the design on the ‘tub’ uh, slipper tub?


While I realize this is a promotional photo – if you had a view like that you’d definitely want the tub pointed that-a-way.  It’s got an inherent back-rest!

Bubbles anyone?  Smiles all around!


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More Mirror Mating (well not technically)

13 Oct

Talking about the mating of mirror and frame again.

Ever have one of those ‘aah!’  moments when it’s evident that you are not alone in your seemingly insignificant pseudo rant?  Re: my pet peeve regarding ‘builder mirrors’.

It feels good don’t it!  Well I’ve found another post with pictures (love those before and afters’) showing the transformation achieved with the Mirror Mate framing system.   (“Wonder if I could get a job as a spokesperson” ……she says to herself)



Before Image via I Heart Naptime



After Image via I Heart Naptime


See the whole post here at Jamielyn’s blog “I Heart Naptime”.  She has the cutest blog theme too!

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