10 Things to do in October

5 Oct

October for me means turkey.  Love turkey!  Especially since after all these years I have conquered my fear of cooking one that would be inedible.  Thanks to the folks at America’s Test Kitchen and their technique of “brining”.  Why didn’t I hear about this 20 years ago!

Since I never look forward to the ending of summer, I try to ease into the change in season (and the fact that I know snow is not far behind).  This corner of our deck, just outside my kitchen door, is a favorite spot for morning coffee.  By changing this little outdoor vignette into something fall-ish I can ease myself into the inevitable.

July (Photo taken by Shel) September

Care to share your fall decorating tips and/or photos?  Please share!

One of my favorite Canadian decorating magazines Style at Home, has once again produced a list of 10 Things to do in October .  I think decorating for fall should be number 11!

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – thoughtful design simply works.

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