Gobble, Gobble !

8 Oct

Actually that’s me on Sunday (gobble, gobble) and I’ll make a concerted effort to keep breathing and put my fork down on my plate every once in a while!

Last year for the very first time (drumroll please) …….I cooked a successful turkey!  The measure of success in our house is how dry the white meat is.  We are dark meat people but since we don’t like to waste food, we soldier on and eat the white meat too (albeit last).

I had attempted roast turkey twice before, both with disappointing results (okay there were tears).  For the majority of the last 30 years I’ve been able to ride the coat-tails of other cooks…..my mom, my sister, my cousin and finally my mother-in-law.  However, last year found us staying home at Christmas time and I was determined to conquer my troubling , annoying embarrassing  inability to roast an edible turkey.

America’s Test Kitchen came to my rescue.  I have been subscribing to their on-line recipes for over a year now (less than $18.00 per year).  I used to watch their weekly t.v. show but I don’t seem to get it anymore (insert sad face here).  ATK are proponents of “brining” meats and does it ever work!   The moisture and flavor just seem to get sealed in.  Brining is all about chemistry.  It’s basically a salted water soak for your meat.   “Salt in the brine not only seasons the meat, but also promotes a change in its protein structure, reducing its overall toughness and creating gaps that fill up with water and keep the meat juicy and flavorful” – Americans Test Kitchen.

This is last Christmas’ roast turkey – Herbed Roasted Turkey – YUM!


First thing in the morning the bird gets an olive oil herbed rub


I did the brining the day before roasting day (that part takes 12 hours) and left the rinsed & dried turkey in the fridge overnight for the skin to dry.  Then the next morning, did the stuffing and rubbing.

Note to self – take off wedding ring before beginning!


Herbed Roasted Turkey (photo by Shel)


By the way, I’m not getting compensated in any way for the ATK mention – I’m just a huge fan!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving Weekend.


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