More Mirror Mating (well not technically)

13 Oct

Talking about the mating of mirror and frame again.

Ever have one of those ‘aah!’  moments when it’s evident that you are not alone in your seemingly insignificant pseudo rant?  Re: my pet peeve regarding ‘builder mirrors’.

It feels good don’t it!  Well I’ve found another post with pictures (love those before and afters’) showing the transformation achieved with the Mirror Mate framing system.   (“Wonder if I could get a job as a spokesperson” ……she says to herself)



Before Image via I Heart Naptime



After Image via I Heart Naptime


See the whole post here at Jamielyn’s blog “I Heart Naptime”.  She has the cutest blog theme too!

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – thoughtful design simply works.


2 Responses to “More Mirror Mating (well not technically)”

  1. jamielyn October 13, 2010 at 4:57 pm #

    thanks for the feature! It’s amazing what a simple frame and paint can do!

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