Bravery – Are you feeling it?

20 Oct

My husband purchased his very first, well-deserved I think, brand-new boat.  We are safety conscious people and took the course, read the manual and purchased the necessary equipment.  Including a doggy life jacket for our little boy, Henry.  See the “About” page for a picture of the “cutest dog in the whole wide world”.

There are just certain things I’m not brave about.  Zooming around at 35 mph in a boat without a life jacket, working out in my garden in July without bug spray, cutting lumber without measuring twice, leaving on vacation without packing a hair dryer, filling in forms in ink and eating shelled peanuts out of an open dish.

For many, the use of color appears on their list, right up there with public speaking and sharks.  The majority of my color clients come to me because they can’t pull themselves away from the safety of beige.  The practice of painting white trim and ceiling to “contrast” with beige walls is well……….habit I think (I hope).

I have no reservations using color (just ask my husband about the yellow spare bedroom) and anyone who has been in my shop knows my favorite color is Royal Purple.  While I can’t get too crazy because my husband needs to be comfortable too, I do push the envelope as much as I can and I am constantly on the look-out for the next big inspirational image.

Maybe there is one here for you?

via Flickr

via House & Home

Ben Stiller's Home via Elle Decor

via Martha Stewart

By Nina Campbell via Veranda

via Google Images

via Chatting at the Sky

Candice Olson

This last image alone makes me want to run out and purchase teal paint!  Canadian Designer Candice Olson has been one of my favorite designers since before design school.  Remember when she first started doing segments on “Cityline” in Toronto?  Very great.

So…….inspired to be a little braver?

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – thoughtful design simply works.

To help you make design work for you please contact me here for an on-line consultation or if you are local please call me at 204.620.6202


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