Turquoise Smile

5 Nov

While my passion color is Royal Purple – I love this turquoise filled color-scheme and these photos are going in my inspiration file!

I saw these photos on the House of Turquoise blog and instantly felt all giddy and happy all over.

Some say it’s just too much color and that they’d get tired of it pretty fast.  Well, I’m sure I wouldn’t.  And I’d like to try it out as an experiment – OK Honey??



by Diamond & Baratta via House of Turquoise



by Diamond & Baratta via House of Turquoise



Waking up in such a house and seeing all that color…………..hey that’s me sliding down the banister!  (Kidding – I know I’d fall off sideways)

The whole house (beach house actually – uh, yah) is done in amazing color.  Of course, the gorgeous colors are assisted by the fabulous Miami light.

So don’t worry Honey, I won’t be re-creating this up here in the North – just wouldn’t be the same.  But, a girl can dream & drool.


Big, Giddy, Full-wall Mural, Colorful Smiles all around!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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