Three borders later…

17 Dec

Provincial borders that is!  Henry and I have made it safely from Manitoba to British Columbia to join my husband who had to come out 6 weeks ahead of us.  While we are not from B.C. originally, we have lived around the province over a  20 year period and it feels like home.


B.C. Forest



On the way here while driving through Mt. Robson we were treated to a sighting of bighorn sheep!  If there weren’t so many other wildlife lovers too, I would have stopped to take a picture.  Henry also saw them and was sure that they were interested in playing with him.  I, of course, was certain they were not and kept driving.



Mount Robson Provincial Park



Our previous B.C. locations have been near the ocean, near valleys filled with grapes/fruit trees or beautiful evergreen forests.  This time we are in the desert-y part of the province.  If you want something green around here, you’ll have to water it!  I’ve heard we have underground sprinklers to keep our lawn green.  Will have to check into the watering schedule – I’m a stickler for following the rules!


We are in ranching country now!



This is the nearby lake where we will be launching our boat on those warm lazy summer days.  I hear there are Rainbow Trout in this lake – Yum!



Our valley's nearby lake



Speaking of home….we move in this Tuesday on the 21st!  The motel has been fine but I’m getting anxious to start unpacking and Henry is really itching to check out his new backyard.


Old Homestead.

Hee Hee, no that’s not our new house.  We are in town and our house is a little newer than that!  Sorry I don’t have a picture – there is a long story about Henry’s cousin (also a dog) who chewed on my memory card (insert sad face here).


Getting excited….floor plans to think about…..unpacking strategy to mull over…..Christmas decorating priorities to establish (oh yes, we are still having a tree!)……and menu planning to convert to grocery lists……

Something tells me the days remaining are going to fly by!!


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