Out with the Old & In with the New.

22 Dec

Before I left Manitoba I was instructed to get rid of a ten-year old burgundy love-seat (the matching sofa had been given away several years ago).   That leaves us with one black leather sofa which is destined for the games room and one green paisley accent chair (custom-made about 4 years ago) which is either going into the living room or the master bedroom.

So, if we plan on entertaining at all……we are going to need some new living room furniture.  But before I begin the hunt I would like to get clear in my mind what I’m looking for.  (Please note that when I say sofa, I’m referring to a 3-seater).  Furniture arrangements in my family’s living room is centered around the television.  Sad but the reality is that I watch too much T.V.

Sofa, a love-seat and chair?   Our T.V.  would be situated across from that love-seat.

Sectional with two or more chairs?  Imagine our T.V.  where that gorgeous fireplace is.

Parallel sofas &  two or four chairs?   Put our fireplace in the right corner and a T.V. where the fireplace is shown.

Sofa, love-seat and a chair?  Put our T.V. where that fireplace is.

Sofa and 4 chairs?  In this photo imagine that our T.V. is where the door is.  By the way, why is the furniture in this photo arranged around the door?? Am I missing something?

Sofa, two chairs and bench, or chaise?

Sofa and two chairs?

All images above are from House & Home magazine.

I have been thinking about this for a while now.  I feel that only two people want to sit on a sofa (no one wants to be in the middle on that center cushion) and only one person wants to sit on a love-seat (unless it’s a couple).  Maybe it’s a little quirky but I’ve been toying with the idea of four roomy accent chairs with a three cushion sofa.

Here’s a smattering of the styles that we have been window-shopping for years now.    Love the combination of multiple fabrics with leather.

All sofa images from Treehouse Furniture dot-com.

What do you have in your space and is it working for you?

So as you can tell, we are going to go through some “simple changes” in our new house.  I’ll be sure to keep you “posted” on what we decide to do with our empty space.

“Simple Changes or Complete Transformations” – thoughtful design simply works.

You can continue to reach me here with your questions and photos regarding your simple changes or complete transformations.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like help making design work for you too.


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