Practice better manners in 2011.

5 Jan

While many are making New Years resolutions regarding weight loss, the start of an exercise regime, the end to a bad habit or the improvement of a skill…..I want to practice better manners.

Please don’t picture me spitting in the street, cutting in line or slurping my Earl Grey.  I think I have the basics down, although I am often too loud and perhaps say out-loud the things that others simply say to themselves.  Oops.

While reading this months “10 Things to do in January” , I was reminded of the time-honored practice of writing Thank-you notes.  There was a time when I did this after the receipt of every gift especially Birthday and Christmas (and yes, I did mail out a Thank-you for every single wedding gift).  Somewhere along the way, I feel I’ve slipped on this and on the sentiment of appreciation in general.

I’m going to work on this.  How about you?


Stampgirl45 via Etsy




One Response to “Practice better manners in 2011.”

  1. JVC January 5, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    I’m going to stay better connected to you!

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