Juju anyone?

19 Feb

Well, I hadn’t the foggiest notion that the Cameroon headdresses that we’ve been seeing for the last couple of years, actually had a real name!  Thanks to Averill over at Edi et Amo, I’m now enlightened.

Just last Thursday I saved this picture (for a future “pink” post) that I saw at Style At Home magazine.

I love it because it’s soooo pink (Pantone color of the year anyone?)

via Style At Home 2011

This is a bedroom in one of those ity-bity Vancouver condos.  From the January issue I think.

I’m immediately drawn to unexpected items that are used as wall art and have loved these headdresses ever since I first saw them used on walls several years ago.  I just love they way they POP out from the wall.

From here,

Juju men in traditional dress via Google Images

To here,

thank you Google Images

and here,

Google Images

and here,

via House&Home June 2010

Now, obviously the “safe” thing to do would be to use a neutral one but I’ve seen one in Royal Purple!!

At a price point from 300 – 500 dollars, I wonder if I can talk Mr. DesignWorks into it?!  Hmmmm.

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – design simply works.


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