27 Feb

No, not the dreaded calculus or periodic table.  Whew, so glad that kind of “home” work is over with!

I’m talking about the work you do from home.  What does your workspace look like?  Is it working for you?  Did you labor over the planning of your perfect space or did it just evolve over time?

Now that I’m in a new space (again), I’m feeling the need to mull it over this time.  Plotting and planning (picture wringing of hands here) as I unpack and put away.  I have taken over a spare room and as I push furniture pieces around the room I’m realizing I need to paint some pieces and change out some pieces.  Need pretty storage solutions and need a wow factor.


What would  plotting/planning be without inspirational photos???

closet work station via Real Simple Magazine

I need more than a closet but the use of space and color is fantastic!


via house to home

Note to self:  use wallpaper to inject some movement, use photo & magazine boxes to hide “stuff” and maybe think about a fabric project (bulletin boards).



via Real Simple


Aha!  Magnetic boards and rolling carts……………hmmmm.


via Pottery Barn

Eureka!  What a great space!  All that storage (gonna need more file drawers!)   Love how the slanted roof just adds to the cozy feeling.  Oops, I don’t have a slanted ceiling…..guess I’ll keep looking.   All white furniture……..hmmmmm.


via Lonny magazine

via Martha Stewart

via Lonny

via Pottery Barn

The Bedford Project Table from Pottery Barn – this could be part of the solution.  Note to self:  look for pretty area rug.


Do you have a great workspace at home or an inspirational photo that you’re working toward.  Please share!

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – design simply works!


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