High Self-esteem? – Friday’s Smile

4 Mar

I enjoyed watching the t.v. series “Sex in the City” if only to see what outrageous outfits Carrie would appear in!  The two subsequent movies didn’t disappoint either and I watch the first one over and over whenever it appears on my satellite channels.

I’m sure no one is happier than Candace Bushnell who wrote the novel that started it all.  If she was a starving writer before she certainly isn’t now!

I recently ran across an article in House Beautiful where Candace is interviewed regarding the renovation of her New York apartment.  Of course there were fabulous pictures but this one stopped me dead in my tracks.



via House Beautiful


Yes, that wallpaper in the powder-room is Candace’s face repeated over and over, again and again.

What does her husband think (really) ?  What do you think?

Quite frankly I’m flabbergasted……. and it makes me smile.




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