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Lazy Monkey – Friday’s Smile

25 Mar

Received an email from my sister last week with these pictures attached.  Don’t know the photographer, installation artist(s) or even the city where it all took place.  If you know please share!


Can you tell what this lazy monkey is made of?



Imagine walking into the park and……..what the heck is that?  Picture time!




This installation is huge!  Look at the size of the feet!



Can you see it yet?  Love how he is just lazing around, soaking up the sun.



Yes, flip-flops!  How cool is this installation!  Dying to know how many shoes it took.



Thanks to my sister for sharing this flip-flop monkey (it is a monkey isn’t it??) – It made me smile!


Wishing you a safe & happy weekend.


A Bitter Pill – Friday’s Smile

1 Oct

On my Google homepage, I have a gadget call “Artist a Day”.  New art every day.  Some days the images are beautiful, sometimes disturbing, sometimes inspiring and sometimes downright funny.  Like this one.

via by Bart Vargas.

(Image used with permission from the artist himself.  Bart has a website if you’d like to see more of his work)

Sculpture is call “Bitter Pill”.   Get it?  Look closely at what it’s made of.  The irony made me smile.

Have a great weekend, hope it’s filled with smiles.