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More Mirror Mating (well not technically)

13 Oct

Talking about the mating of mirror and frame again.

Ever have one of those ‘aah!’  moments when it’s evident that you are not alone in your seemingly insignificant pseudo rant?  Re: my pet peeve regarding ‘builder mirrors’.

It feels good don’t it!  Well I’ve found another post with pictures (love those before and afters’) showing the transformation achieved with the Mirror Mate framing system.   (“Wonder if I could get a job as a spokesperson” ……she says to herself)



Before Image via I Heart Naptime



After Image via I Heart Naptime


See the whole post here at Jamielyn’s blog “I Heart Naptime”.  She has the cutest blog theme too!

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – thoughtful design simply works.


Reflecting on Mirrors – and their frames.

12 Oct

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be at a client’s lake house ….beautiful house, beautiful view.  Lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

While going through her list of questions for me, we eventually ventured into the master bath.  She wasn’t asking about her mirror but I noticed it was the typical large rectangle that contractors plaster to the wall with enough goo that it’s never coming off unless you tear down half the gyproc (drywall) with it.   In my opinion, this situation is a design foe pas and I always recommend framing.  Unframed mirrors just make your space look unfinished and it’s easily fixed with a product called “Mirror Mate“.

And don’t worry if your mirror is butting up against a wall or sitting on the top of the backsplash or counter-top.  They have the solution for that.

I have had this product on my radar for a couple of years now but haven’t tried it yet myself.  In the last several weeks I’ve come across a couple of other blog posts by favorite bloggers who have used the Mirror Mate framing system.  This was just too coincidental and I realized I had to blog about it.

Here are a couple of before & afters illustrating how a simple frame can make such a big impact.

Warning: the following content may result in another DIY project being added to your list.  Feelings of dissatisfaction with your existing mirror situation may occur.   Side-effects may include elevated heart-rate, squeals of delight, increased anticipation and possibly “mirror anxiety” relief.


Before Image via Living With Lindsay



After Image via Living With Lindsay


You can see Lindsay’s step by step path to this transformation right here.

Still not convinced?  Keep watching……


Before Image via Centsational Girl



After Image Centsational Girl


You can follow Kate’s step by step installation here.  Also note that while Kate’s giveaway is closed, the discount code is still active until the end of December 2010.  Better get cracking!

See – told ‘ya, one more DIY project written down on that list of yours!   Yup, me too.

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – thoughtful design simply works.

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Ugly Lamp Contest

6 Aug

Well, if you think you’ve seen the ugliest lamp (or maybe you think you own it) head on over to the BetterAfter blog.   They are running a poll right now in an attempt to chose the ugliest lamp from a set of pictures sent in by their readers.  It’s truly rib-tickling!

via Ugly Lamp Contest.

BetterAfter blog is devoted to celebrating the transformations of “thrift store treasures or overlooked items”.   A great spot to drop by if you’re looking for inspiration.

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – design simply works.

Now that’s refreshing!

4 Aug

As anyone who’s renovated, reinvented, reused or reupholstered can attest to, it is both re-energizing and  refreshing to make over any item that has been begging for a face-lift.  Often I see many great examples of furniture make-overs and marvel at the transformations.  My favorite ones are the drastic ones.  That sad, tattered club chair that was found by the side of the road that “magically” reappears looking like a boutique store find.  LOVE IT.

Sorry to say, a riveting transformation is not what we have here.  My very sturdy chairs (from IKEA) that I use in my shop had only one major flaw.  The color of the chair seat!  The light cream had to go to add some punch and coordinate better with the gold carpet, cream walls and purple accent wall.

I’m so pleased with the results!  If you’ve never done anything like this (where have you been?) grab a screwdriver, staple gun and some fabric.  Easy-peasy!

Reupholstered Ikea Chairs

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – design simply works.