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Of course….Royal inspired decor!

30 Apr

The ink on the wedding registry has barely dried and the hoopla is far from over.  Love it!!

The souvenirs (both tacky and lovely) began to appear the minute the engagement was announced and the product development and its subsequent production continues on.  Home decor included.

Union Jack Sofa via S@H

If you are at all interested in such a bold statement in your home (I think this would be fabulous in a Pub-inspired games room), email  They are located in Ontario, Canada.

Now if you are wanting something more commemorative of Will & Kate’s nuptials…

William-Kate metal chairs

Made in the UK, these versatile metal chairs can be found at the  MetalDesign-Furniture Company website.

Not willing to shell out quite that much for a commemorative item??  No problem!

image via

This tea towel is available through the Imperial War Museum Shop.  Made in Britain from 100% linen cotton.  Perfect for framing!

Here is a chic, contemporary way of remembering their big day.  Notice the cute “I DO”  not so hidden in the text.  Another thing I liked about this tea towel (and there many designs out there in cyberspace) is that the couples images are not on the towel.  Personally, I think there are more suitable places for their faces to appear – china, canvas art – items that can keep a certain amount of respectability.  Say NO to coasters and hand towels!!  I hope I don’t need to explain that one.

Looking for a way to glam up a powder room, make guests feel like royalty or give your little princess the royal treatment?  There’s nothing quite like wallpaper to give a room some punch and with this “Crowns & Coronets” pattern from GrahamBrown, your wallpapered walls will be the “crowning” touch!

image via S@H

You can add some bling with jewels too! (optional of course)

optional jewels image via grahambrown

GrahamBrown are having a 20% off promotion right now for their Royal Wedding promotional products which includes this wallpaper, 3 paint colors & packages of  “jewels”.

How about pillows?  The selection is endless and a good source is Etsy.

I found some very stylish royal pillows at   This is the prince version but there is also a princess and queen…and bonus…..both sides are styling!

image via Google images

Well, I’m sure the din is far from dying down.   But even if you are not into the Royal commemorative products or the Brits influence on decorating, it’s still fun to look!  And free!

Did you buy anything?  Make anything?  Record anything? to mark the couple’s big day?  Please share!


Antler Love – Friday’s Smile

8 Apr

Have you noticed in the last couple of years, the increased frequency in the appearance of antlers?  Not just in country, steak house or ski-lodge decor either.  There are everywhere – and I gotta say I’m quite enamored with their sudden appearance in just about any room!


via Lonny

These look like the real McCoy.


Ann Marie Favot via S@H

For those not wanting an actually head (with googly eyes following you around the room) there is a cute cardboard head with antlers.


via Lonny

How about a moose?  I’m thinking resin – wonder if it comes in other colors?


via Lonny

Not just for the living room!


via Elle Decor

These people are totally into it – see the two smaller sets in the other room?


via Lonny

Hilarious use of antlers in the powder room!  Not sure but a “real” hunter may not appreciate this kind of humor.


Farquharson & McGill via S@H

Combining my two big likes – empty picture frames and antlers!  Win-Win!


This next one is in our home.   During the last move I ran across this set of antlers (again) in a box in the garage.  Dusted them off, shined the antlers with Pledge and voilá !


my photo

The little gold plate on the wood plaque reads “Antelope – Oct. 1981” (sorry Honey, couldn’t resist!)

I really like the way ‘our’  little set of antlers plays off the stone of the fireplace, rough wood mantel and fits nicely into that narrow slice of wall – It makes me Smile!

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

9 Mar

via Google Images

During our recent short trip to Edmonton, AB. we drove the scenic route through the Rogers Pass and Banff National Park.  While tootling around the town-site my husband made the discovery that I had never been inside this National Historic Site and immediately drove us over there to rectify the situation.

Although it looks like a castle, it has never really functioned as one.  Built by the Canadian Pacific Railway it has always operated as a hotel.  When Fairmont Hotels & Resorts bought the hotel, they did extensive renovations and corrected a construction mistake made when the  entrance and lobby were located facing the river side. (The architect is said to have declared “you built my hotel backwards!”)

Built in 1887 following the plans of architect, Bruce Price, it was originally a 4 story wooden structure in what has been described as Scottish Baronial Style.

circa 1902 via google images

From 1903 to 1928 there were many wing and tower additions, a couple of fires, wing duplications and the addition of stone cladding from nearby Mount Rundle.


This photo (above) was not dated but appears to be before the 1906 reconstruction.  That’s Mount Rundle in the background.

circa 1929 via

The plans for the central tower is credited to Walter Painter, the chief designer for the Canadian Pacific Railway.     The hotel was winterized in 1968 and has been opened year-round ever since.

my photo

Don’t you just love that stone!

my photo

This is the lobby where I’ll check in next time I visit Banff!

my photo

Sorry for the grainy quality of this photo (just had my pocket digital) but I love, love, love this chair.  The back on this baby is veeery high.

via Google Images

via google images

via Google Images

How about these bedroom interiors for some inspiration for your next reno or refresh project???

I know that a lot of people just jump to the design magazines for decor inspiration (nothing wrong with that!), or stop in at every show home they see (also one of my favorite things to do), but don’t pass-over the opportunity to stop and drool over the interiors (& exteriors) of hotels – historic or not.

via Google Images

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – design simply works.

Pantone Color of 2011.

20 Dec

I know I’m quite late in blogging about this and you probably have already heard but I’m so tickled “pink” by Pantone’s choice for 2011 that I just have to write about it!  (The only choice that could have made me happier would have been Royal Purple).

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2011 is – 18-2120 Honeysuckle, a very sassy, chic reddish-pink.

“In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going – perfect to ward off the blues,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Honeysuckle derives its positive qualities from a powerful bond to its mother color red, the most physical, viscerally alive hue in the spectrum.”

So, just as we saw this year, with the announcement last year of turquoise being 2010 color of the year, we can expect to see this shade of pink starting to appear more and more on the store shelves and on the clothing racks.

via NY Daily

Cuisinart Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker

Google Images

Google Images

Google Images

via Little Green Notebook

via Apartment Therapy

via HomeGoods

"Mom Cave" via HomeGoods

Pantone Visa Card

Yes, this is a real VISA card!


Style at Home Magazine - Jan. 2011

Even the Style at Home issue that is on the stands now has a masthead in something resembling “Honeysuckle”.  Cool.


The Pantone Color Institute is widely recognized as setting color standards for the fashion and home industries.  It’s also the common color language spoken in the paper and graphics worlds.

In 2010,

Color of the Year 2010









In 2009,

Color of the Year 2009











I really like 18-2120 Honeysuckle and was thinking of a bubble gum pink for the new laundry room but now…… maybe something with a bit more red in it!

This Honeysuckle pink is going to be an awesome accent color for those who have been painting their walls gray (the new neutral).  Too punchy for you?  Start small, a pillow here, glass bowl there.  If you are tickled pink about this color but are not sure where to begin, just ask.

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – thoughtful design simply works.

You can still reach me here with your questions and photos. 

Pumpkin Invasion

27 Oct

While I’m not a Halloween loving individual (I love all things sparkly & pretty)    I have carved my share of pumpkins over the years.  While on a recent jaunt around cyberspace I started collecting some favorite pumpkin snaps I’d like to share.


Now wouldn’t your party guests be impressed if this scene was ablaze in your fireplace!  No stoking required.


via Country Living



Simple pumpkin basket.  Easy to do yet a lovely way to display flowers or other foliage.  Nice.


via Martha Stewart


Hey, I remember decoupage!   A good example of where less is more.  Never thought I would ever think of a pumpkin as stylish!


via Midwest Living


And if orange doesn’t fit into your decór……


via Country Living


Ooooh, getting shiny!  So much more of an impact when you’ve got a grouping.


via Country Living


And sparkly!




Does it have to be scary?  How about silly!  A Mouse Motel!


via Martha Stewart



Wonderful front porch or step decoration.  House numbers!  Wonder if that’s glow in the dark paint?


via Midwest Living


Couple of candy bowl ideas.




via Martha Stewart



Here’s another non-carving idea.  Paint your pumpkin with flat black paint, let dry and then with the handle end of a spoon, scrape away the paint in the design of your desire!  Cool!


via Good Housekeeping





via Martha Stewart


And if you are ready to invest in some serious carving tools…… you too can work magic like this……



via Martha Stewart





I’ve never thought of turning pumpkins on their sides!  Clever!

via Martha Stewart



Here’s one that I think I would like to try, a pumpkin totem.



What was in the bowl before candy?  Mini-pumpkins of course!

via Good Housekeeping



Pumpkin votive holders.  Simple with a nice punch of fall color.


via Good Housekeeping



OMGosh, now I’m craving pumpkin pie!

What do you have in store for your pumpkin(s)?


Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – thoughtful design simply works.

Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween.














Bravery – Are you feeling it?

20 Oct

My husband purchased his very first, well-deserved I think, brand-new boat.  We are safety conscious people and took the course, read the manual and purchased the necessary equipment.  Including a doggy life jacket for our little boy, Henry.  See the “About” page for a picture of the “cutest dog in the whole wide world”.

There are just certain things I’m not brave about.  Zooming around at 35 mph in a boat without a life jacket, working out in my garden in July without bug spray, cutting lumber without measuring twice, leaving on vacation without packing a hair dryer, filling in forms in ink and eating shelled peanuts out of an open dish.

For many, the use of color appears on their list, right up there with public speaking and sharks.  The majority of my color clients come to me because they can’t pull themselves away from the safety of beige.  The practice of painting white trim and ceiling to “contrast” with beige walls is well……….habit I think (I hope).

I have no reservations using color (just ask my husband about the yellow spare bedroom) and anyone who has been in my shop knows my favorite color is Royal Purple.  While I can’t get too crazy because my husband needs to be comfortable too, I do push the envelope as much as I can and I am constantly on the look-out for the next big inspirational image.

Maybe there is one here for you?

via Flickr

via House & Home

Ben Stiller's Home via Elle Decor

via Martha Stewart

By Nina Campbell via Veranda

via Google Images

via Chatting at the Sky

Candice Olson

This last image alone makes me want to run out and purchase teal paint!  Canadian Designer Candice Olson has been one of my favorite designers since before design school.  Remember when she first started doing segments on “Cityline” in Toronto?  Very great.

So…….inspired to be a little braver?

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Slipper Tub? – Friday’s Smile

15 Oct

OMGosh I think this is so cool!

Imagine how much it costs?? 🙂

You would definitely want it in a minimalistic bathroom design so that you would not be taking away from the obvious focal point.  And what a focal point!


Image via ArHzine

Love the floor too – and don’t you think it compliments the design on the ‘tub’ uh, slipper tub?


While I realize this is a promotional photo – if you had a view like that you’d definitely want the tub pointed that-a-way.  It’s got an inherent back-rest!

Bubbles anyone?  Smiles all around!


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