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Dabble Debut – Friday’s Smile

1 Apr







Yahoo!  A Canadian on-line (free) magazine!

No kidding,  Canadian!









(okay, I’ll jump down off my patriotic bandwagon now….)

Those of you who are already regular followers of and know the giddy thrill of leafing through a new edition.  What’s the hype about an on-line magazine anyway??

Well for me it’s the absolute joy of reading a magazine while laying on the couch dressed in my flannel jammies, slurping on a steamy cup of Earl Grey milk tea.  (I may have a tiny magazine reading obsession…  illness… addiction).  But I digress.

The talented Canadian Interior Designer, Kimberley Seldon has launched the new Dabble Magazine – a triple threat of design, travel and food.

In the first March/April issue be sure to check out the pages devoted to Nashville (there’s more there than country music!), the Travel Geek page where you’ll find the latest on gadgets for the traveller in you and the section on Kimberley’s trip to Prague which was sparked by her husband’s heritage (the photos are 2-d’eye-4 gorgeous!).

Here is just a smattering from the pages of Dabble Magazine;


design-Erinn Valencich photo-Adrian Anz


design-Erinn Valencich photo-Adrian Anz

Loving the tile in this bathroom and that bowl sink!  Oh, yah!


design-David Carter photo-Aliona Adrianova

Another juju headdress – fits right in this room, don’t ‘cha think?


design-Sophie Paterson photo-Lauren Mitton

While I’m thinking that string of pictures is too tiny …..I’m head over heels for that tripod lamp!


Neruda Street, Prague

Astronomical Clock Tower, Prague

Just a snippet of Prague to whet your appetite!


Finally a Canadian on-line home and lifestyle magazine – It makes me smile!

Wishing you a safe & happy weekend!


10 Things to do in December.

4 Dec

I know I missed November and I’m sorry, but here from Style at Home (magazine) is their list of 10 Things to do in December.

While you may be thinking “Are you crazy? ….add 10 more things!”, take a minute to check this out because this list likely contains some things that are already on your existing to-do list.

Additionally there are a couple of time-saving reminders (like start now preparing some freeze-ahead appetizers for the party season and getting your wrapping supplies organized now).  Also on the list are a couple of activities that maybe you haven’t thought of yet (open up a window for a few minutes each day to let in some fresh air) or simply need a gentle reminder-nudge (food bank donation).


Here’s hoping your December has started off with a bang and you are finding ways to cope with all the merriment and mayhem!  Cool heads will prevail!

This Fall Think Deep Thoughts About Color.

26 Oct

Deep, rich, sink-into color, that is!

It’s only 6 a.m. here in my office and I should be getting dolled up for work but I had, had, had to share the latest palette offerings from the very inspirational Margot Austin over at Style at Home magazine.

Those who know me or have ever been to my shop know that I’m over the moon for the color Royal Purple, so this first palette made my heart sing (now if I could only get it to play a little ditty for my husband )

Plum & Pewter via Style at Home

Paint shown is by Farrow & Ball (sorry they don’t list the paint name or number).

That glossy striped wallpaper as a backdrop to the deep grays – Oh, Yah.

Margot even gives us a room in plum, just in case we’re not convinced yet….

Plum Inspiration via Style at Home

I’ll take the deep purple chair, the sink-into gray chaise, the gi-normous ornate mirror ……loving those walls!  With those high ceilings did they really need to paint them snowman white?  (ding – post idea!)

Next up is this blue & red combination – don’t think Crayola crayons!

Margot refers to these two as Oxblood and Inky Indigo.  Whatever you choose to call them, I call them terrific together!

Oxblood & Inky Indigo via Style at Home

If I were looking for components for my room redo with these colors, I’d be carrying around that small vase in my purse!

I was thinking office when I first saw this inspiration board and ……

via Style at Home

Here it is!    Aside from the pink rug (I would keep looking for something with more red in it) I really like the use of the indigo on all the walls and bookcases.  If you like the color….use it on all four walls!

Last one is Cocoa and Bronze.  While I’m not a brown loving individual, I can’t help but appreciate all the richness and luxury that chocolate can bring.  Talking color here not Cadbury!

Cocoa & Bronze via Style at Home

Sooooo, you know there is an inspiration room coming up next……

Are you waiting for chocolate walls? …………Nope!

Bronze glazing? ……….. Nope!

Fabric wrapped panels? ………….. Nope!


Timothy Mather via Style at Home

Croc wallpaper !

Is your master bedroom or guest room lacking punch?  How about a croc wall treatment?

Designer Timothy Mather hit this one, right outta the park!

Deep thoughts about some deep colors, perfect topic for this fall.

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10 Things to do in October

5 Oct

October for me means turkey.  Love turkey!  Especially since after all these years I have conquered my fear of cooking one that would be inedible.  Thanks to the folks at America’s Test Kitchen and their technique of “brining”.  Why didn’t I hear about this 20 years ago!

Since I never look forward to the ending of summer, I try to ease into the change in season (and the fact that I know snow is not far behind).  This corner of our deck, just outside my kitchen door, is a favorite spot for morning coffee.  By changing this little outdoor vignette into something fall-ish I can ease myself into the inevitable.

July (Photo taken by Shel) September

Care to share your fall decorating tips and/or photos?  Please share!

One of my favorite Canadian decorating magazines Style at Home, has once again produced a list of 10 Things to do in October .  I think decorating for fall should be number 11!

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10 Things to do in September.

9 Sep

I’m sorry…’s fall.  Drag out those sweaters and put away the patio umbrella.

Williams Sonoma via Style at Home

While in the Spring I think cleaning, in the Fall I’m thinking about organizing and purging.  Don’t know why really but there it is.   And there it was in my mailbox this morning…… my Style at Home newsletter (love that magazine).

Timely to be sure, the theme of the newsletter is organizing!  Chock full of tips and techniques it is well worth the read.

Just to get me going I’m going to start with the 10 things to do in September. Gotta start somewhere!

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Sex and the City Movie Set Design

11 Aug

Oh so interesting article at talking about the movie set design on Sex and the City 2.  I haven’t seen the flick yet but it’s on my must-see list if only to see what the girls are wearing!  I loved Carrie’s repainted apartment in the last movie and here you get a sneak peek at the decor in the sequel.

Sex and the City Movie Set Design – Movie Set Design.

Included are snaps of Charlotte’s kitchen, Miranda’s Brooklyn pad (note the awesome red brick), Samantha’s new chic office and of course Carrie and Big’s new stylish apartment.

ElleDecor answers readers questions like where to get Carrie’s foyer wallpaper!

Very fun!

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