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A Wedding! – Friday’s Smile

28 Apr

As I’m writing it is still hours away from Will and Kate’s big “I DO” but my anticipation is growing.

It might be my age (I’m Diana’s generation) or my heritage (my mother is Welch)  but I have been fascinated with “the royals” since the late 60’s.  Back then Queen Elizabeth visited Fort St. John, British Columbia and I was a tiny Brownie standing at the airport, holding a flower.  I thought she was very elegant and I was mesmerized.

I watched Diana and Charles wedding from my home in Calgary and tragically years later, her funeral from my home in Bolivia.  It gets me all misty to think that she doesn’t get to see her sons marry, but I will again be glued to my TV soaking in all the pomp and pageantry.

This time I might even spring for an “official royal family souvenir”

Will & Kate approved! China plate, mug and pill box.

Of course the approved pieces are gorgeous and can be purchased from the Royal Collection Shop.

Each piece features the couple’s initials in gold and silver with the coronet of Prince William and the wedding date, April 29, 2011, and features a decorative pattern of doves, white ribbons and silver, gold and gray hearts, set against a pale gray striped background.

I’ve got my eye on the pill box – it makes me smile!

I hope you have time to enjoy even a few minutes of the wedding coverage. 

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!


Creativity – Friday’s Smile

22 Apr


original artwork by Isaac Salazar


How this for creative??  Isaac Salazar – This makes me smile!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Spring! – Friday’s Smile

15 Apr

Around here we are finally hearing the sounds of lawn mowers and just this morning my neighbor was spotted with a shovel turning over soil.  Yippee!!  Summer can’t be far way!!

Up until now I have avoided seed catalogs, gardening magazines and have walked right past the early plant offerings that are starting to appear in stores here.  While we did not start any seeds ourselves this year, we inevitable over-spend on annuals and perennials each year.  Although it’s still too early to plant anything, the buzz of activity in my neighborhood has prompted me to pull out my copy of The Perennial Handbook  (Heritage Perennials).

I used it like a textbook during my Landscape Design projects (and while still in school) and every year I leaf through it for more inspiration.



Perennial Gardening Guide by John M. Valleau


Perennial planning (and purchasing!) –It makes me smile!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Not all green food is good for you!

19 Mar

I’m not Irish but I too got caught up in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

There is always a coffee break at our quilt guild meetings and last Thursday it was my turn to take some treats.



my photo



The recipe for these cupcakes was actually called “St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes” and called for a box of pistachio pudding mix to make them green!  Topped with cream cheese icing they were delish (even if I do say so myself).



via Better Homes & Gardens



What would St. Patrick’s Day be without Shamrock cookies?  I was wondering if my cookies  would turn out like the magazine photo…



my photo



My photo was taken after baking and I think they turned out pretty good!  Would use more food coloring next time to get more green but the peppermint flavoring was a big hit.

Recipes available here.


Green food (especially those loaded with sugar!) – makes me smile.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Lame Name.

3 Mar

So far it’s working name is “Drop” but hopefully this contest will get the creative juices flowing and someone will come up with a better name for this funky looking hook.  Could it be you??



via Normann Copenhagen



Simply go here to read the contest rules and find out how to enter.  Eezy-peezy.   Don’t wait too long though because it seems that if multiple people come up with the same cool idea, the winner will be the one who posted on N.C.’s Facebook page first!

Thank you Dwell magazine for alerting me to this neat new hook design by the Swedish design firm Asshoff Brogard.   This next picture may take a minute to load…..but it’s worth it.



via Asshoff Brogard



Good Luck!

Simple Changes or Complete Transformations – design simply works.

“Power of Pink” Scavenger Hunt

24 Feb

House Beautiful has announced a new contest!






The pink prize logo shown here, which reads “The Power of Pink,”

will appear at a different location on the site

once each day (everyday) from February 28 through March 4, 2011.



To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is find the logo and email the link where it appears that day.    (   Remember to play everyday, because they will be selecting four random winners per day for five days!

House Beautiful will be giving hints on Facebook and Twitter with #pinkmag, so be sure to like and follow them for clues as to the logo’s placement!

Winners will be notified via phone, e-mail, or postal mail, at Sponsor’s discretion, on or about March 10, 2011.

Official contest rules and an outline of the prize packages can be found here.

Contest is not open to residents of Quebec and Canadians fortunate enough to win will have to answer a mathematical skill-testing question before claiming their prize.

Remind anyone of “Where’s Waldo”?  Good Luck!

Friday’s Smile

7 Jan

I’m still unpacking….so I am desperate to keep my chin up and soldier on.

Like many visual people, I can perk myself up in a heartbeat simply by looking at a beautiful image.

The following make me absolutely giddy!  Pansies are a favorite flower and if you are a follower of my blog you know I’m a lover of color, the brighter and bolder, the better.  Scares my husband!  Don’t worry Honey, this fabric has unfortunately been discontinued.

Enjoy! Wishing you a great weekend.



via AbsolutelyBeautifulThings Blog




via AbsolutelyBeautifulThings Blog



“Simple Changes or Complete Transformations” – design simply works.