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Of course….Royal inspired decor!

30 Apr

The ink on the wedding registry has barely dried and the hoopla is far from over.  Love it!!

The souvenirs (both tacky and lovely) began to appear the minute the engagement was announced and the product development and its subsequent production continues on.  Home decor included.

Union Jack Sofa via S@H

If you are at all interested in such a bold statement in your home (I think this would be fabulous in a Pub-inspired games room), email info@upcountry.com.  They are located in Ontario, Canada.

Now if you are wanting something more commemorative of Will & Kate’s nuptials…

William-Kate metal chairs

Made in the UK, these versatile metal chairs can be found at the  MetalDesign-Furniture Company website.

Not willing to shell out quite that much for a commemorative item??  No problem!

image via iwmshop.org.uk

This tea towel is available through the Imperial War Museum Shop.  Made in Britain from 100% linen cotton.  Perfect for framing!

Here is a chic, contemporary way of remembering their big day.  Notice the cute “I DO”  not so hidden in the text.  Another thing I liked about this tea towel (and there many designs out there in cyberspace) is that the couples images are not on the towel.  Personally, I think there are more suitable places for their faces to appear – china, canvas art – items that can keep a certain amount of respectability.  Say NO to coasters and hand towels!!  I hope I don’t need to explain that one.

Looking for a way to glam up a powder room, make guests feel like royalty or give your little princess the royal treatment?  There’s nothing quite like wallpaper to give a room some punch and with this “Crowns & Coronets” pattern from GrahamBrown, your wallpapered walls will be the “crowning” touch!

image via S@H

You can add some bling with jewels too! (optional of course)

optional jewels image via grahambrown

GrahamBrown are having a 20% off promotion right now for their Royal Wedding promotional products which includes this wallpaper, 3 paint colors & packages of  “jewels”.

How about pillows?  The selection is endless and a good source is Etsy.

I found some very stylish royal pillows at nakeddecor.com.   This is the prince version but there is also a princess and queen…and bonus…..both sides are styling!

image via Google images

Well, I’m sure the din is far from dying down.   But even if you are not into the Royal commemorative products or the Brits influence on decorating, it’s still fun to look!  And free!

Did you buy anything?  Make anything?  Record anything? to mark the couple’s big day?  Please share!