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Dabble Debut – Friday’s Smile

1 Apr







Yahoo!  A Canadian on-line (free) magazine!

No kidding,  Canadian!









(okay, I’ll jump down off my patriotic bandwagon now….)

Those of you who are already regular followers of  lonnymag.com and ruemag.com know the giddy thrill of leafing through a new edition.  What’s the hype about an on-line magazine anyway??

Well for me it’s the absolute joy of reading a magazine while laying on the couch dressed in my flannel jammies, slurping on a steamy cup of Earl Grey milk tea.  (I may have a tiny magazine reading obsession…  illness… addiction).  But I digress.

The talented Canadian Interior Designer, Kimberley Seldon has launched the new Dabble Magazine – a triple threat of design, travel and food.

In the first March/April issue be sure to check out the pages devoted to Nashville (there’s more there than country music!), the Travel Geek page where you’ll find the latest on gadgets for the traveller in you and the section on Kimberley’s trip to Prague which was sparked by her husband’s heritage (the photos are 2-d’eye-4 gorgeous!).

Here is just a smattering from the pages of Dabble Magazine;


design-Erinn Valencich photo-Adrian Anz


design-Erinn Valencich photo-Adrian Anz

Loving the tile in this bathroom and that bowl sink!  Oh, yah!


design-David Carter photo-Aliona Adrianova

Another juju headdress – fits right in this room, don’t ‘cha think?


design-Sophie Paterson photo-Lauren Mitton

While I’m thinking that string of pictures is too tiny …..I’m head over heels for that tripod lamp!


Neruda Street, Prague

Astronomical Clock Tower, Prague

Just a snippet of Prague to whet your appetite!


Finally a Canadian on-line home and lifestyle magazine – It makes me smile!

Wishing you a safe & happy weekend!