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Antler Love – Friday’s Smile

8 Apr

Have you noticed in the last couple of years, the increased frequency in the appearance of antlers?  Not just in country, steak house or ski-lodge decor either.  There are everywhere – and I gotta say I’m quite enamored with their sudden appearance in just about any room!


via Lonny

These look like the real McCoy.


Ann Marie Favot via S@H

For those not wanting an actually head (with googly eyes following you around the room) there is a cute cardboard head with antlers.


via Lonny

How about a moose?  I’m thinking resin – wonder if it comes in other colors?


via Lonny

Not just for the living room!


via Elle Decor

These people are totally into it – see the two smaller sets in the other room?


via Lonny

Hilarious use of antlers in the powder room!  Not sure but a “real” hunter may not appreciate this kind of humor.


Farquharson & McGill via S@H

Combining my two big likes – empty picture frames and antlers!  Win-Win!


This next one is in our home.   During the last move I ran across this set of antlers (again) in a box in the garage.  Dusted them off, shined the antlers with Pledge and voilá !


my photo

The little gold plate on the wood plaque reads “Antelope – Oct. 1981” (sorry Honey, couldn’t resist!)

I really like the way ‘our’  little set of antlers plays off the stone of the fireplace, rough wood mantel and fits nicely into that narrow slice of wall – It makes me Smile!

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!